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Brown Adipose Tissue (BAT) or Brown fat has been newly discovered to play a significant role in adult human health and is potentially a “holy grail” of weight loss (quoting FOX News). This website is dedicated to covering the latest developments in brown fat weight loss research, news, analysis, product reviews, and as a basic source of information about the scienceĀ of brown adipose tissue.


brown fat weight loss

Measurement of Brown Adipose Tissue before and after Cold Exposure by MRI

It was only recently that research discovered the potential significance of brown adipose tissue and brown fat weight loss with a number of key studies published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2009. This included, a study with lead authorĀ Dr. Aaron Cypess, Joslin Diabetes Institute, Harvard Medical School, showing that not only was brown fat present in adult humans but that there was a correlation between body mass index (BMI) and the amount of brown fat. Lean individuals showed the brown fat in PET scans but obese individuals did not show any brown fat leading researchers to conclude that additional research should focus on activation of brown fat as a way to fight obesity.

Activating brown adipose tissue is now the focus of many researchers and companies around the world as basic research also continues into brown fat’s role as a what some call a “newly discovered” organ of the human body. Stimulation of BAT by drugs, surgical transplantation, implantation of stem cells, and cold are all being explored. Since brown adipose tissue has a natural roll in maintaining a mammals internal body temperature, activation by cold exposure in the environment or wearing a “brown fat cooling vest” are simple but very promising and low-risk methods of stimulating brown fat to fight obesity and improve health.

The extraordinary promise of brown fat has caught the attention of the media. Both a good and bad thing, the stories and press reports have increased popular interest, but also have been full of bad information.

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The Atlantic’s “FAT Nation” Cover

Here our goal is to be more in-depth, thoughtful and thorough in following the promise of “good fat” in improving human health. We encourage your comments and questions.

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