Brown Fat Cooling and Exercise

Brown Fat Cooling During Your Workout: A Hot Fitness Trend?

Combining exercise with brown fat cooling may accelerate metabolism

brown fat cooling

Cool workouts could be the next hot fitness trend

A leading researcher who authored a book on diet and lifestyle changes to manage diabetes has encouraged using a cold exercise room for brown fat cooling. Dr. George King, the head of research at the Joslin Diabetes Center at Harvard Medical School in Boston, has started a “Joslin Coolout” exercise program that has people working out in a room chilled to t60 degree range. The idea is to create brown fat cooling during exercise to combine the metabolic benefits of brown fat activation by cooling with the benefits of exercise. Dr. King is the author of “The Diabetes Reset” which has a 12 week plan incorporating 8 changes to your diet and life to prevent diabetes including brown fat cooling in a cool room or wearing a cooling vest for weight loss.

The concept of a cool workout to improve weight loss has already spread to a boutique fitness studio in Boston near the Joslin Center. A fitness class is offered in the basement studio with the thermostat set at 62 degrees, and is already popular with people who will try anything to burn some additional calories.  Dr. King is quoted as supporting the double benefit of exercise and brown fat cooling: “Not only do use up the calories from the workout itself, but you can also activate the brown fat, which burns up calories and generates heat.”  “Cool workouts could be the next hot fitness trend,” Weintraub, USA Today 8/2/15.

it is not clear to what extent the combination of cold exercise and brown fat cooling can boost metabolism, but future studies can research the benefits of brown fat cooling vests, exercising in a cool room, and turning down your thermostat at home. But it is clear that a leading expert believes that mild cold and its role in stimulating brown adipose tissue will lead to promising health benefits in controlling obesity and diabetes.

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