Brown Fat Cooling for a Lean Body

 Brown Fat Cooling

How mild cold exposure stimulates brown adipose tissue

How does brown fat cooling create a leaner body? Science has discovered that brown adipose tissue (brown fat or good fat) is present in adult humans, and that exposure to mild cold is a natural way to trigger brown fat activity. By “mild cold” they mean a temperature that is not so cold that it triggers the shivering response. Mild cold is “non-shivering” temperatures of around 60 degrees, and the brown adipose tissue (BAT) responds to mild cold by generating heat from glucose in order to maintain internal body temperatures. This process is known as “non-shivering thermogenesis.” While the basics are will known from research on lab rats, new studies are focusing in on BAT in humans and whether we have uncovered an overlooked organ of the body that plays a role in metabolism. A role that may include weight loss, treatment of obesity and related metabolic disease such as diabetes.

In this video the researchers explain, in simple terms, how brown fat stimulation with cold increased metabolism and reduced body fat.

The other potential method they showed, taking capsinoids, was only about 30% as effective as cold activation. So a practical method of cold activation has the highest potential for using brown fat activation to lose weight, fight obesity and diabetes.

Popular media and quick fix weight loss products and promises are already positioning to cash in on the idea of cold weight loss. A cooling vest for weight loss is on the market and author Tim Ferris has appeared on the Dr. OZ show promoting ice cold showers and ice packs on the neck to activate brown fat. What cannot be overlooked is the fact that brown fat is only stimulated by mild cold. Promises of weight loss with an ice cold cooling vest, ice baths, ice cold showers and ice packs on the neck are not only extremely uncomfortable, but research is showing them to be ineffective. Turning your thermostat down for weight loss to a comfortable cold temperature or a cooling vest that stays at a comfortable mild cold are much more practical solutions.

brown fat cooling

Is this cold shower necessary?

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